Choosing the Right Size Chandelier

One of the key specifications for designing a chandelier is to determine the correct size for the area. If you make the chandelier too large, it can overwhelm a room. Too small and it will just look out of place. To choose the right dimensions for your chandelier, you can do some of the following things.

1) If you’re putting the chandelier above a table, measure the table’s width then subtract it by 12 inches. So, it you have a table that is 48 inches wide, your chandelier should be 36 inches in diameter.

2)When hanging a chandelier in a room but not above a table, you should take into consideration the size of the room. First, measure from corner to corner diagonally across the room. The chandelier’s diameter should be the distance you measured in feet, but in inches instead. For example, if you have a room that measures 36 feet diagonally, then your chandelier should measure 36 inches in diameter.

These are just some basic recommendations to get you started. The best and simplest instruction I give to clients, is to cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as the chandelier they want, then hang it from the ceiling. If it’s the appropriate size for the room, then your task is done and the chandelier you want will fit that room. In many instances, the dimensions of the chandelier may change, based on how it looks in a room. Not every room has the same feel, so the above guidelines are only a starting point.

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