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Outdoor Lighting for Douglas County, NJ

Customlightstyles, a lighting designer and fabricator for Douglas County, NJ residents, specializes in custom exterior lighting. We create outdoor lanterns, chandeliers, hanging pendant lights, sconces, custom lights, and landscape lighting for commercial and residential use. Let Customlightstyles be your inspiration for your next outdoor lighting project in Douglas County, NJ. We have been developing elegant […]

Security Efficient Installation Techniques for Outdoor Exterior Lanterns

Did you ever wonder whether you should select a outdoor exterior ceiling mounted lantern versus an outdoor exterior wall mounted lantern? If you’re security minded, and still wondering…here are some good reasons to select one or the other or both: 1) Outdoor exterior wall mounted lanterns will light up the faces of any nighttime visitors […]

Outdoor Lighting, Washington, D.C.

Customlightstyles has coordinated outdoor custom exterior lighting, as in hanging pendant lights, custom designed Lumieres, sconces, landscape lights, lanterns and chandeliers for commercial and residential use. Customlightstyles has been manufacturing specially made lighting for the citizens of Washington D.C., Maryland. As skillful lighting design craftsmen, we’ve held a vital authority at semi-annual trade shows in […]

Outdoor Lighting, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Customlightstyles can convey your individual concepts to an all new high for your next outdoor lighting plan in Bloomfield Hills. The essential design of our company has been to promote our made-to-order, hand crafted outdoor lighting for Bloomfield Hills, Michigan lighting specifiers, builders, homeowners, architects, contractors and interior designers. Customlightstyles manufactory fabricates custom outdoor lighting, […]

Outdoor Exterior Lighting in Loudoun County, VA

Outdoor exterior lighting in Loudon County, Virginia is where Customlightstyles architecturally builds outdoor custom lighting, chandeliers, wall-mounted lanterns, hanging pendant lights, landscape lighting, and sconces, for commercial applications and residences. Customlightstyles, a well equipped full-service lighting workshop in Loudon County, Virginia builds custom outdoor exterior lighting with complete manufacturing capabilities. Customlightstyles collaborates with Loudoun County, […]

Custom Hand Made Outdoor Light Fixtures for Gas and Electric Installations

Is it important enough for a client to insist upon custom fabricated fixtures versus off the shelf, mass-produced lighting fixtures? Absolutely, if the client wants a one-of-a-kind fixture based on careful research of a historic antique or simply a fixture that you won’t see on every other house in the neighborhood. Custom outdoor exterior lanterns […]

Make your home lighting inviting

How to’s  Create a Living Space That Makes You Feel Good to Stay at Home Make your home lighting inviting. Summer of 2020. You’re home. The weather is great. What a wonderful time for a staycation! Instead of an actual getaway, make sure your interior home has all the amenities for creating the perfect retreat […]

Outdoor Lighting, Morristown, NJ

Customlightstyles has fashioned outdoor custom exterior lighting, as in lanterns, hanging pendant lights, custom designed luminaries, sconces, landscape lighting and chandeliers for residential and commercial usage. Customlightstyles has been fabricating tailor-made lighting for the inhabitants of Morristown, New Jersey. Let Customlightstyles take your designs to the finish for your next Morristown outdoor lighting enterprise. Our […]