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Mounting Interior Wall Sconces

Mounting heights when installing interior wall sconces can vary with the ceiling height. The higher the ceiling, the more flexibility you’ll have for the placement of the sconce.  Also, the placement of the sconce always depends upon the style or type of sconce you’ve selected and whether it is operating as an indirect light source […]

How to choose the Right Size Chandelier for any Room

One of the key specifications for designing a chandelier is to determine the correct size for the area. If you make the chandelier too large, it can overwhelm a room. Too small and it will just look out of place. To choose the right dimensions for your chandelier, you can do some of the following […]

Choosing the Right Size Lantern

Here is a very good question I’m asked often. When purchasing an exterior lantern, how do you select the correct size so that it’s in scale to your home’s dimensions? The answer is quite simple. If the location is your front door entry and you are looking at a single lantern, then the scale should […]

Outdoor Exterior Lighting

Industrial Chic Design – A New Trend in Outdoor Exterior Lighting Interior Designers, Architects, Lighting Specifiers, Building Contractors and savvy Homeowners are opting for outdoor exterior lighting lanterns and fixtures whose design originated out of warehouses, industrial complexes and set props from film sound stages and studio sets. As lighting manufacturers of chandeliers, outdoor exterior […]

Outdoor Lighting for Fairfax County, VA

Customlightstyles has been advocating our outdoor luminaires fashioned with old world expertise for Fairfax County, VA lighting specifiers, interior designers, architects, fastidious homeowners and builders. Customlightstyles, a full service lighting workshop and manufactory in Fairfax County, VA, builds custom exterior lighting without reservations. We architecturally design outdoor wall mounted lanterns, hanging pendant lights, landscape lighting, […]

Outdoor Exterior Lanterns

Customlightstyles Wall-Mounted Lanterns     Outdoor exterior lanterns for wall mounting come in a variety of ways to be mounted on surfaces. When planning the placement of an outdoor exterior lantern, it is always a good rule of thumb to determine the style of lantern first. Your home’s architecture can often dictate the style of […]

Moustached Wall Mounted Lanterns above Garage Doors

Wall Mounted Lanterns above Garage Doors When strategically planning the placement of our exterior lanterns, sometimes less is more. If your home is in the planning stages of where to place your electrical junction boxes, consider this: One well-placed wall mounted lantern above your thoughtfully designed garage doors can make a noble statement. If the […]