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Spring is finally here and it’s time to update our homes and gardens! Landscape Lighting with Pathway Lighting

Landscape lighting and pathway lighting fixtures are designed to be used as accent outdoor lighting for your yard, hardscape areas, gardens, shrubbery, sculpted trees and to highlight the architecture of your home’s surroundings. Outdoor landscape lighting can be powered electrically, often by low voltage which requires transformers, evoking soft illumination at night which is aesthetically […]

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Solutions

Landscape Lights to light up your backyard! Landscape lighting! Spring is here and most of us want to get outside and work in our gardens, barbecue and spruce up the outdoors after a long, cold winter. What better way to make your front and backyard more inviting then by providing speciality lighting for your garden, […]

Outdoor Pendant Lighting in Abundance

Outdoor Pendant lights come in a variety of styles, compatible with many different types of architecture and suitable for landscape design, as well. Outdoor pendant lighting and landscape lights should provide the proper amount of illumination so that the area being lit up is safe and secure for pedestrians and guests arriving at the entryway […]

Custom Outdoor Exterior Lighting Lanterns

Custom Outdoor Exterior Lighting Lantern with a remote switch Custom outdoor exterior lighting lanterns can be made with gas ignitions. With a flick of a switch or manually – one can control the gas and the height of the flame. Outdoor exterior lighting fixtures, as in lanterns, hanging pendants, pier column mounts and flush wall […]

The Correct Outdoor Lantern for Your Home’s Architecture

Outdoor lighting fixtures come in a wide line-up of designs, finishes, historic classifications, dimensions and glass selections. There are fundamentals in your home’s exterior décor that can safely help you choose the best possible outdoor light fixture to add beauty, as well as, safety and security to your home. It is best to illuminate your […]

Outdoor Lighting, Indian River Shores, Florida

Customlightstyles has been the representative to deliver flawlessly fabricated lighting fixtures exclusively for Indian River Shores, Florida urbanites. Allow Customlightstyles the chance to take your next imaginative commission to the next level for your next outdoor lighting idea in Indian River Shores. Customlightstyles manufactory provides outdoor custom exterior lighting, as in hanging pendant lights, column-mounted […]

Outdoor Lighting for Hunterdon County, NJ

Customlightstyles cooperates with Hunterdon County, NJ Lighting specifiers, architects, interior designers, discerning homeowners and builders on the creation of our outdoor lighting metal accoutrements shaped entirely by hand. We engineer outdoor wall mounted lanterns, custom lighting, chandeliers, hanging pendant lights, sconces and landscape lighting, for commercial projects and residences. Customlightstyles, a complete and fully equipped […]

Outdoor Lighting for Howard County, MD

Customlightstyles, a lighting designer and fabricator for Howard County, MD residents, specializes in custom exterior lighting. We create outdoor lanterns, chandeliers, hanging pendant lights, sconces, custom lights, and landscape lighting for commercial and residential use. Let Customlightstyles be your inspiration for your next outdoor lighting project in Howard County, MD. We have been developing elegant […]