What Hurts Property Value? 8 Things to Address Now

What Hurts Property Value? 8 Things to Address Now

Article by Julia Weaver of Redfin Realty ~

Property values fluctuate as a result of many factors, and as a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of factors that can drive home value down. Some of these factors are out of your control, such as market conditions, interest rates, and the economy, while others are very much in your control. From unappealing renovations to neglecting maintenance on your home, some projects, or lack thereof, can negatively impact your property value. It’s best to be aware of what hurts property value so you can protect your home and get the most ROI when it comes time to sell.

Home improvements

What hurts property value most

1) DIY projects gone wrong

Many homeowners take on home improvement projects to not only make their space more livable and enjoyable but to also add value to their greatest investment. Whether it be a bathroom addition, adding a deck, or purchasing a fixer-upper with the promise of profit for flipping it – most people start a project with the idea that it will increase the value of the home. As exciting as the projects may be, they can sometimes turn out not as expected and hurt your property value.


Are you wanting to build a deck, extend the kitchen, or remodel the bathroom? Even if you’re an expert at smaller DIY projects, it’s better to leave the bigger remodels and renovations to a professional. If not executed properly, they can hurt your property value.


2) Lack of curb appeal

First impressions make a difference when selling a home. So, your curb appeal should entice prospective buyers and help your home sell faster. If you’ve noticed the exterior paint is chipping off or your trees and shrubs have seen better days, chances are potential buyers will notice too. Luckily, you can achieve great curb appeal with some minor adjustments.


  • Update the exterior paint. The color of your home is oftentimes one of the first things a buyer will notice. Faded, chipped, and flaking paint can dramatically decrease your curb appeal and hurt your property value. Hire a professional painter and try to stick with a neutral color for the exterior of your home. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your home’s appearance.


  • Update the exterior lighting. If the pathway leading to your front door is dimly lit or your fixtures are outdated, now is the time to update the exterior lighting. Exterior lighting helps your home feel more inviting and complements your landscaping. From post lights, LED lights, solar lights, and wall mounts, the options are endless.


  • Switch out your old fence. Worn fences are an eye-sore and can take the attention away from your home and hurt your property value. Replacing your fence for a new one can give your yard the boost it needs by enhancing the greenery, and showing prospective buyers that you care. Fencing comes in a variety of different options such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, and composite. Consult with professionals to determine what material is best for you.


  • Hire a professional landscaper. When selling your home, it’s best to go with an easy-to-care-for and clean landscape design to appeal to buyers, and increase the property value of your house. Simply edging the beds, mulching the garden, and pruning the trees and hedges can transform any landscape. Consider working with a professional landscaper to maximize your curb appeal.


  • Wash the windows and the siding. It doesn’t take long for your house and windows to form a layer of dust, dirt, fingerprints, or even algae. This can leave your house looking dingy and gray and hurting your property value. Hire a professional for regular cleaning to avoid paint stripping, splinters, and mold and mildew problems.


  • Replace your front door. It’s no surprise that front doors quickly begin to look worn and tired with daily use and harsh weather. Replacing your front door is a quick and cost-effective way to add curb appeal or add a pop of color to your home.


3) Unsightly interior wall paint

Just like exterior house paint, streaky, chipped, or low-quality paint could discourage potential homebuyers and hurt your property value. A fresh coat of neutral paint on the cabinets, walls, and trim can make all the difference. Consider leaving the painting to the professionals. This way, you’ll avoid the chances of buying the wrong brush or roller, using too much, or not enough paint, or any other common painting mistakes homeowners can make.


Busy and bright wallpaper, tiles, or flooring can also divert the attention of the buyers away from your home. The best rule of thumb is to always choose neutral options for permanent items. Then incorporate color with your decor and furnishings.


4) Lack of upkeep

It’s important and necessary to keep your home in great condition and regularly perform general home maintenance chores. Letting your home fall into disarray and neglecting it will hurt your property value and could have dire consequences on your list price. Buyers will want to negotiate repairs to avoid any major expenses following the sale. This is why most buyers require an inspection contingency in their contract.


If something breaks, be sure to fix it. And if you don’t know how to fix it, hire someone who does. This will prevent any issues from getting out of hand. It’s often more expensive to remedy any problems the longer you wait. Keep an eye out for any problems with your roof, foundation, HVAC system, gutters, and if a rodent or pest infestation emerges. If you develop any of these issues it’s important to hire a professional immediately.

How to effectively update your interior decor to appeal to buyers

5) Wall to wall carpeting

Your carpet will be in great condition during the first few years of owning your home, but will quickly begin to show signs of use, start retaining odors, and can be difficult to keep clean. Not only will buyers be wary of wall to wall carpeting because it can be expensive to replace, but it can also collect indoor allergens. If possible, it’s best to stray away from carpet and opt for hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring.


If your home does have carpet, be sure to get it professionally cleaned periodically to prolong the life of it. It’s also a good idea to have it deep cleaned before listing your home for sale.


6) Excessive clutter can hurt property value

Every home manages to accumulate belongings throughout the years, and you usually don’t realize just how much clutter you’ve collected until you’re about to list your home. Just as dirt and grime build-up, so can clutter. If your room is overcrowded with stuff, it’s a good idea to clear some of your belongings out. Donate items you no longer need or want, and find hidden, permanent homes for the items you use just once in a while.


Decluttering is an inexpensive way to add value. It can, however, be a big job for just one person. Consider hiring a professional organizer and tackle the project together. After you’ve donated what you can, research a local junk removal and hauling service to collect the rest of your stuff – anything from mattresses and old appliances to electronics and unwanted furniture.


7) Unpleasant smells

Not only do offensive smells leave a bad and lasting impression, but they can also hurt your property value. Whether the lingering odor is cigarette smoke, pet odor, or mold, it’s best to identify the root of the smell and eliminate it. Avoid masking the smell with a strong perfume or fragrance.

To avoid unpleasant smells altogether, it’s best to keep your home clean. Routine cleaning includes vacuuming and dusting regularly, wiping down countertops and surfaces, and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Consider having your home professionally cleaned as you see fit. Most services allow you to choose the frequency of visits to suit your needs.


8) Unnecessary upgrades

Most of the time, home renovations and projects will increase the property value of a home. However, there are certain upgrades that can actually make your home less attractive at resale and can backfire. For example, if you live somewhere where the climate is generally cooler, perhaps Portland, OR or Twin Cities, MN, adding a backyard pool could make your home less desirable and hurt the property value. Or, ripping out a closet or bathroom to create a larger bedroom is generally unappealing to a lot of buyers and could be a costly mistake.


Other updates such as installing a new roof, adding insulation, and replacing windows will generally increase property value because you’re improving the efficiency and safety of the home. Updating your home’s electrical and refinishing hardwood floors can also add to your home appraisal value.


As a homeowner, keeping your home in optimal condition and making necessary updates over the years is key to getting top dollar when it comes time to sell.


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Security Efficient Installation Techniques for Outdoor Exterior Lanterns

Did you ever wonder whether you should select a outdoor exterior ceiling mounted lantern versus an outdoor exterior wall mounted lantern? If you’re security minded, and still wondering…here are some good reasons to select one or the other or both:

1) Outdoor exterior wall mounted lanterns will light up the faces of any nighttime visitors that come to the door, thus making identification easier.

2) If your style of home denotes installing a outdoor exterior ceiling mounted lantern or overhead fixture, then appropriating a recessed light or lights on the ceiling near the wall over the door will minimize any shadows on your visitor’s faces.

3) Outdoor exterior wall mounted  lanterns should always be installed on the same side as the doorknob and this is only if you are using one lantern per entry door. If the  outdoor exterior wall mounted lantern were to be installed on the hinged side of the door, your sight would be compromised and only a dark profile of the face would be apparent.

4) If the vestibule area you are lighting is a large area, you can always select an outdoor exterior wall mounted lantern on either side of the entryway, as well as, an outdoor exterior ceiling hung lantern (especially if the threshold has a tall, recessed ceiling).

When illuminating the outdoor area you wish to light, it is important to consider any visibility needs. Strong beams of light at night can intrude on your neighbor’s property. It is important to effectively light up any outdoor areas without taking excessive measures for the inherent darkness that evening brings.

Here are some good points to consider:

1} Man-made light shold only exist where it is needed
2} Man-made light should be minimal, at best
3} The area being lite up should be moderated to the area deemed appropriate
4}The illumination duration should be applied in a practical manner in the affected area

Outdoor Lighting, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Customlightstyles can convey your individual concepts to an all new high for your next outdoor lighting plan in Bloomfield Hills. The essential design of our company has been to promote our made-to-order, hand crafted outdoor lighting for Bloomfield Hills, Michigan lighting specifiers, builders, homeowners, architects, contractors and interior designers. Customlightstyles manufactory fabricates custom outdoor lighting, as in landscape lighting, pendant lights, column mounted pier lights, chandeliers, custom lights, lanterns, and sconces for residential and commercial lighting commissions.

Bloomfield Hills custom outdoor light followers find worth in a lighting firm that can take their ideas, thus creating a beautiful light fixture, whether the concept is from a vintage catalog, a rendering or a photo, while ensuring their project continues to move forward, maintaining great customer support and service up the project’s completion. Customlightstyles has sustained the creation of finely detailed artisanal lighting fixtures just for Bloomfield Hills, Michigan area of people. As lighting fabrication pros, our company has presented our lighting models at twice-yearly trade markets in Bloomfield Hills which has maintained our Bloomfield Hills trade patrons, while expanding our business connections nationally and internationally, be it from our website stock designs or completely custom designed lights.

At any opportunity, our Bloomfield Hills design pros request a meeting to discuss the selection of that unique outdoor entry lantern to make an enduring statement, to Bloomfield Hills lighting consultants, needing our application advice in building a, to scale, wall mounted outdoor lantern: Bloomfield Hills industry trade partners can peruse our website for a complete selection of stock designs, easily modified, for lanterns, chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and landscape lighting. Customlightstyles contracts with the Bloomfield Hills trade to build full scale prototypes for large projects. Our company co-works with the Bloomfield Hills design teams to deliberate on their lighting concepts, to achieve that hand crafted forged detailing for sconces or lanterns that Bloomfield Hills architects insist upon. When our Bloomfield Hills patrons request custom finish patina examples, our firm responds with choices.

Customlightstyles Bloomfield Hills outdoor lighting partners often request refinishing on light fixtures of all types, restorations, repair work and component replacement. The creative talent of Bloomfield Hills seek perfectly designed, artisanally hand crafted lanterns bereft of stamping presses or mechanical welding. Customlightstyles can be Bloomfield Hills clientry’s design advisor, from that unique hand forged outdoor wall lantern, to a lighting layout for architectural practitioners, for constructing 17th, 18th and turn of the century historical American light fixtures. Contemplate our design group of more than 750 shop sketches and historical hand drawn renderings.

Clients we work with can select either UL Listed gas or UL certified electric, with easily modified backplate options in a variety of shapes and styles. Whatever style, specification, and material our Bloomfield Hills trades people ask for, customlightstyles does whatever it takes to successfully make your light designs wrought works of art. Customlightstyles owner, Mary Lu, is eager to give Bloomfield Hills cortege exactly what they need and desire to satisfy their lighting design specifications.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).

Outdoor Exterior Lighting in Loudoun County, VA

Outdoor exterior lighting in Loudon County, Virginia is where Customlightstyles architecturally builds outdoor custom lighting, chandeliers, wall-mounted lanterns, hanging pendant lights, landscape lighting, and sconces, for commercial applications and residences. Customlightstyles, a well equipped full-service lighting workshop in Loudon County, Virginia builds custom outdoor exterior lighting with complete manufacturing capabilities. Customlightstyles collaborates with Loudoun County, VA Lighting specifiers, architects, interior designers, fastidious homeowners and builders on the creation of our outdoor exterior lighting metalwork carefully shaped by hand.

Custom made-to-order outdoor lantern for Alexandria, VA by customlightstyles

Outdoor exterior lighting designed  for Loudon, VA by customlightstyles

Twice a year, our establishment exhibits the distinctly created outdoor exterior lighting fixtures we build by hand at trade shows in Loudoun County, VA, increasing our national and international projects, while maintaining our local patron’s requests for artisanal our door lighting, lighting from out stock inventory or custom-built interior lights. Say the word and let Customlightstyles take your next outdoor lighting ideas to fulfillment in Loudoun County, VA.

Modern technology melded with precise manufacturing delivers each client the proper care they deserve. Loudoun County, VA outdoor light design creators can collaborate with our skilled artisans when exact designs need to be technically engineered and when a precise organization is called for in the fabrication of chandeliers or lanterns from a project layout, a prior catalog, or a photo.

Custom, made-to-order, solid brass post lantern with casting details for Atherton, CA by customlightstyles

Outdoor exterior lighting designed  for Loudon, VA by customlightstyles

Customlightstyles can be Loudoun County, VA consumer’s complete resource for every aspect of fabrication, from light fixture patterns for building historical 17th, 18th or 19th century European and American outdoor luminaires. Loudoun County, VA designing pros will find a wide variety of manufactured styles in that hand-forged outdoor lantern or pendant, sans the use of mechanical welding or stamping presses.

Our manufactory can offer sage advice, from Loudoun County, VA clientele choosing the appropriate wall mounted lantern for their primary entryway to Loudoun County, VA architectural consultants seeking to create that outdoor lantern that exceeds their expectations.

Customlightstyles works with each client to develop their concept, offering every level of service each project requires for custom fixture fabrication. With hundreds of shop patterns and hand-drawn renderings to select from, a new realm of possibilities opens up for light design concepts like no other. Our outdoor lanterns, chandeliers, sconces, pendants, and landscape lighting collection is offered in a broad diversity of styles on our website catalog. We can match historical finishes from actual hardware or components on any of our outdoor exterior lighting.

Choosing the Right Size Lantern

Outdoor exterior lighting created for Loudon, VA client

Plan specifications dictate the use of prototypes to ensure attention to detail and for precise scale execution. Customlightstyles uses new-world technology to create high-end custom, finely built, architectural outdoor exterior light fixtures. This is our commitment to old-world craftsmanship. Mary Lu, Customlightstyles owner, is dedicated to fulfilling Loudoun County, Virginia customer’s expectations by unifying all resources vital to accomplishing the work.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).

Custom Hand Made Outdoor Light Fixtures for Gas and Electric Installations

Is it important enough for a client to insist upon custom fabricated fixtures versus off the shelf, mass-produced lighting fixtures? Absolutely, if the client wants a one-of-a-kind fixture based on careful research of a historic antique or simply a fixture that you won’t see on every other house in the neighborhood. Custom outdoor exterior lanterns are based on careful research of 17th and 18th-century custom exterior lighting that is timely today and perfect for residential and commercial use. Custom light fixtures are handcrafted by highly trained artisans, with very high standards and hand finished with beautiful patinas and specialty art glass.

Custom made-to-order outdoor lantern for Alexandria, VA by customlightstyles

Custom outdoor lighting fabricators have always involved themselves with creative projects that include the client’s input, because, after all, the client has a vision of how they want the final outdoor light fixture to look like, upon completion. From the initial design to an actual full-scale hand-drawn draft and pattern, prototype moulds, the completion of the prototype, the fabricator should show the client each of the steps to make sure he has done exactly what the client wants.  After the design prototype has been approved, there is the finish selection, the glass choice and the actual trial testing of the fixture, the photographing of the fixture, then the careful packing and handling, prior to the outgoing shipment.

Custom outdoor light fixtures
should be UL compliant outdoor light fixtures, whether they are gas or electric. When dealing with a custom outdoor lighting fabricator, it is important that the manufactory has an excellent reputation, supported by many years of careful fabrication and expertise, with in house designers who give their attention to every detail. Whether it’s home lighting you seek or an innovative historical reproduction for your business, a custom outdoor lighting fabricator should also offer energy saving solutions in a complete range of outdoor lighting fixture styles.

Article written by Mary Lu Hunt, owner of customlightstyles design and fabrication

For custom lighting direction and ideas, call Mary Lu Hunt at 707-547-9909.



Make your home lighting inviting

How to’s 

Create a Living Space That Makes You Feel Good to Stay at Home

Make your home lighting inviting. Summer of 2020. You’re home. The weather is great. What a wonderful time for a staycation! Instead of an actual getaway, make sure your interior home has all the amenities for creating the perfect retreat for your family. Create a living space that makes you feel good to stay at home. Freshly painted walls, some new furniture, a perfect lighting upgrade in the rooms you spend the most time in. Make your home lighting inviting. Customlightstyles will be happy to suggest the perfect lighting for any room.


A beautiful, well-lit game room or media room, complete with your big screen TV, plenty of puzzles, games and wonderful books to read. And, oh yes, good interior lighting that is both decorative and useful.


Hand wrought floor lamp with sheepskin shade by Customlightstyles








Make your home inviting

A multi-armed  interior chandelier or pendant lighting with a shade with great depth will illuminate the room, while a well-placed interior floor lamp or table lamp can light up a comfy armchair – perfect for curling up and reading or talking on the phone. Create a space that is calming, serene and relaxing.

make your home inviting

Hand wrought brass table lamp by Customlightstyles


Those little touches that count

To make the most out of your living space – consider a few minor modifications. Besides making sure your interior lighting is integral, a newly reupholstered chair, a comfy footrest, maybe some new bookshelves for all those bestsellers you intend to dig into – you will be surprised how much of a difference small changes, like your lighting, can make in staying home. Add a plush throw blanket, or two, to wrap up in, and make sure your couch is comfy with plenty of squishy pillows. If the weather is getting chilly, a fireplace or woodstove adds to the coziness of the room itself and the warmth emitted relaxes all who enter.  Make sure your interior walls are painted with shades that transmit a calm and stress-free atmosphere in which to totally unwind.

those little touches that count

Add bookshelves for a cozy area to unwind in

A soft place to fall

The whole point is to make sure your interior home design is providing you and your family with an ambience to de-stress and be your best for those with whom you love and care for. Customlightstyles understands what our client’s needs are in terms of the perfect interior lighting for your home, living spaces, relaxation areas – everything that says I am in a safe place enjoying my family, my surroundings which translates into feeling good to be at home. Lighting your home sensibly, in specific areas and with unique lighting designs, can make all the difference in the feel of your home. Make your home lighting inviting.

a soft place to fall

Drum pendant and indirect lighting by Customlightstyles








Each article posted by Customlightstyles is created and presented by Mary Lu Hunt – an industry leader in custom lighting design and a 3rd generation owner of her own manufactory. Our design team is comprised of seasoned artisans with an average of no less than 20 years in custom lighting manufacturing. We work as a team, side by side, with architects, interior designers, builders and savvy homeowners. Give Mary Lu a call at 707.547.9909 or contact her via email at info@customlightstyles.com

Smart Lighting Guide – Sizing your chandelier or pendant

Customlightstyles has created a smart lighting guide to sizing the perfect chandelier or pendant for your dining area. In this guide, we teach you about the correct size of the chandelier or pendant, how it should match your decor and how it becomes the focal point of the room.  Customlightstyles has created interior lighting for over a century and we’ve devised this smart lighting guide to properly size chandeliers, the correct height and width for the room and how to hang the chandelier or pendant over a table so that the room is balanced and dimensional. Finding the perfect chandelier and pendant for your dining area and creating a great space for bringing family and friends together has never been easier!

The design team of Customlightstyles have collaborated on putting together this smart lighting guide to create the perfect chandelier or pendant for any dining area. Celebratory get-togethers include family feasts, from anniversary parties to intimate gatherings. At the center of it all, there is the dining room, where we make these all of these occasions especially memorable.  The size of the dining room table is most important, but the correct height and width of the central chandelier or pendant are crucial. Whether it’s a small table that seats four or a large table with extensions to sit a loftier group – finding the correct chandelier or pendant to complete the vision and sizing it up accordingly, is very important.  Customlightstyles offers a smart lighting guide to sizing the perfect chandelier or pendant. From the correct dimensions to the perfect height above any table – Customlightstyles is here to assist you every step of the way! But first, a little bit of lighting fixture history……

Read More!

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Smart Lighting Guide – Sizing your chandelier or pendant

The history of chandeliers and pendants

Customlightstyles has been fabricating pendants and chandeliers for well over a century.  A historical yet traditional tool of a metalsmith is a smithy or forge  – a compressed air furnace by use of a bellows to heat the inside of the forge, thus permitting the metals to be efficiently melted down for the purpose of soldering (holding the metals together with a melted metal) or to toughen the metal in the process of cooling it down so as to give the metal greater strength. Chandeliers originally hand wrought in the Middle Ages, were fabricated from iron and lit with candles.

Hanging pendants and chandeliers were lowered from the ceiling to light the candles and the effect was often, intimate yet illuminating. Produced by farriers, ironsmiths, metal workers – anyone who had that special touch with a forge and who could solder or melt any type of metal available – usually iron, steel or silver – strategically shaping the molten, ferrous material into any type of design, shape or embellishment.


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Smart Lighting Guide – Sizing your chandelier or pendant





















Customlightstyles smart lighting guide to sizing the perfect chandelier or pendant

1. Begin by measuring the length and width of the room. Then, add these two numbers together by calculating the footage into actual inches. The correct diameter of the chandelier or pendant will be revealed in inches. For example, a dining room with 12-foot ceilings, 18 feet wide and 20 feet long, can accommodate a chandelier 36-40 inches in diameter and 36-40 inches in height. Another tip. Cut out a piece of cardboard the exact size of the chandelier and hang it from the ceiling. You will instantly know if you must enlarge or shrink the chandelier or pendant by a few inches.
2. If you are contemplating installing two chandeliers or pendants over a table, is by calculating the diameter of both chandeliers or pendants by dividing the diameter of the table by the number of hanging chandeliers plus 1. For example, a table 60 inches wide would be best partnered with two chandeliers 20 inches in diameter, hung 20 inches apart over the center of the table.
3. The proper height of the chandelier or pendant is 30 inches from the bottom of the chandelier or pendant to the top of the table.Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for smart lighting

Smart Lighting Guide – Sizing your chandelier or pendant



Each article posted by Customlightstyles is created and presented by Mary Lu Hunt – an industry leader in custom lighting design and a 3rd generation owner of her own manufactory. Our design team is comprised of seasoned artisans with an average of no less than 20 years in custom lighting manufacturing. We work as a team, side by side, with architects, interior designers, builders and savvy homeowners. Give Mary Lu a call at 707.547.9909 or contact her via email at nfo@customlightstyles.com

Are LED Luminaires truly a better choice over High Pressure Sodium bulbs?

Medieval Post Lantern, CustomLightStyles

Lighting designers, lighting specifiers and manufacturers of outdoor lighting fixtures are in a quandary about whether they should be using High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs over LED lights.

The hot question right now is whether people actually favor white light over yellow light. Here is what could be asked regarding the preference:

  1. Does LED light provide the broad-spectrum white light that is conducive to night vision for both pedestrians and drivers?
  2. Which type of light source is more pleasing to the eye?
  3. Which light source is more cost-effective in the long term?
  4. Which light source is more energy-efficient?

LEDs cut energy usage by over 50% when compared to using HPS lamps. So, in this case, they are more energy-efficient. Remember, these bulbs/luminaires are being used for street installations in commercial applications, not residential projects. LED lamps also have a longer lifetime (about 60,000 hours when using a 67-watt bulb, then a HPS, which usually last about 20,000 to 30,000 hours, using a comparable 90-watt bulb.) Generally speaking, most people prefer the white light emitted from the LEDs over the yellow light coming from the HPS lamps.

LED bulbs are more expensive (but coming down in cost as the demand continues to grow) than HPS bulbs since they last twice as long as High-Pressure Sodium bulbs (with a life expectancy of up to 15 years depending upon the type of streetlamp). This last feature truly makes them more cost-effective since they don’t need to be replaced as often as HPS lamps, thus also reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

Hiring a professional, seasoned outdoor lighting designer in a fluctuating economy.

Outdoor lantern, customlightstyles
Do clients want to select outdoor lights from the big box stores, with everything being made overseas, or should they consider enlisting the creative energies of a knowledgeable lighting designer? A seasoned lighting designer can not only deliver the custom-designed goods from the original concept to the actual installation day – but they can also bring the outdoor light design within budget (within reason with today’s rising cost of materials) and deliver the outdoor light fixture within a reasonable lead time.

Outdoor light fixtures have taken on a whole new meaning when a client insists upon special sizes for each outdoor light application. When uniquely sized and designed backplates, decorative “baubles” for finials, gas lights over electric lights, tweaking the outdoor light fixture’s “roof” ever so slightly are called for – Voila! –  you have yourself a completely custom-designed outdoor light. You cannot go to the “big box stores” and pull something off the shelf that doesn’t look like everyone else’s outdoor lantern. If you’re looking for outdoor lighting with that classically modern aesthetic or a lantern that is traditional, then a lighting designer can give you that personalized service, high-quality materials, custom-matched finishes, high-end art glass, project management to ensure every detail is attained and the correct UL Label for the proper exterior or interior application.

If you want an outdoor light to last a lifetime, with all the qualities you’d expect from a uniquely made, finely crafted outdoor lantern – then enlisting the services of a design professional will not only save you money in the long run but add value to your home, which, in today’s economy, a very important feature.

Exterior Outdoor Light Fixtures and the materials available for fabrication

Staprans custom flush wall mount lantern

There are several good metal choices for exterior outdoor light fixtures, some of which are more durable than others. Let’s start with the most high end material, which, in this case, bronze will be the first article on this topic – then we’ll work our way down the list:

Bronze: There is a perceived luxuriance characteristic with the word “bronze”. Bronze metal has been used, historically, for weapons, castings for tools and hardware, sculpture and an array of beautiful commodities. Bronze exterior outdoor lighting fixtures assembled from castings, are usually fabricated from an alloy mixture of copper, zinc and silicon. The alloy mixture has a low melting point, reaching fluidity at about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates the perfect molten liquid for adhering to the casting process.

Once the castings have cooled, the bronze material is considered corrosive resistant. Bronze becomes the perfect metal material for outdoor lighting fixture use – being superb in all types of weather environments. Bronze castings can be seamlessly connected when welded or soldered, to make an outdoor fixture or outdoor lantern look like one continuous piece. By protecting the outdoor lantern with wax or lacquer, you can achieve a natural aging or patina over time that will lend itself beautifully to your custom designed outdoor lighting fixture or lantern.