Choosing the Right Size Lantern

Choosing the Right Size LanternHere is a very good question I’m asked often.

When purchasing an exterior lantern, how do you select the correct size so that it’s in scale to your home’s dimensions? The answer is quite simple. If the location is your front door entry and you are looking at a single lantern, then the scale should be about one third the height of your door. If you’re placing a lantern on either side of your front entry, then the scale should be one fourth the height of your door. If the lantern has a top or bottom scroll, a tail or is attached by a top or bottom backplate design, then take into consideration the overall height of the lantern. A quick trick is to have someone hold up the lantern in question and then stand back approximately 50 feet from the door. The lantern should appear half it’s size from that distance back. You can also stand on your curb and visualize how your neighbors and friends my view the lantern(s) from the street. If there’s a question, then go a bit larger rather than smaller.

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