Make your home lighting inviting

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Create a Living Space That Makes You Feel Good to Stay at Home

Make your home lighting inviting. Summer of 2020. You’re home. The weather is great. What a wonderful time for a staycation! Instead of an actual getaway, make sure your interior home has all the amenities for creating the perfect retreat for your family. Create a living space that makes you feel good to stay at home. Freshly painted walls, some new furniture, a perfect lighting upgrade in the rooms you spend the most time in. Make your home lighting inviting. Customlightstyles will be happy to suggest the perfect lighting for any room.


A beautiful, well-lit game room or media room, complete with your big screen TV, plenty of puzzles, games and wonderful books to read. And, oh yes, good interior lighting that is both decorative and useful.


Hand wrought floor lamp with sheepskin shade by Customlightstyles








Make your home inviting

A multi-armed  interior chandelier or pendant lighting with a shade with great depth will illuminate the room, while a well-placed interior floor lamp or table lamp can light up a comfy armchair – perfect for curling up and reading or talking on the phone. Create a space that is calming, serene and relaxing.

make your home inviting

Hand wrought brass table lamp by Customlightstyles


Those little touches that count

To make the most out of your living space – consider a few minor modifications. Besides making sure your interior lighting is integral, a newly reupholstered chair, a comfy footrest, maybe some new bookshelves for all those bestsellers you intend to dig into – you will be surprised how much of a difference small changes, like your lighting, can make in staying home. Add a plush throw blanket, or two, to wrap up in, and make sure your couch is comfy with plenty of squishy pillows. If the weather is getting chilly, a fireplace or woodstove adds to the coziness of the room itself and the warmth emitted relaxes all who enter.  Make sure your interior walls are painted with shades that transmit a calm and stress-free atmosphere in which to totally unwind.

those little touches that count

Add bookshelves for a cozy area to unwind in

A soft place to fall

The whole point is to make sure your interior home design is providing you and your family with an ambience to de-stress and be your best for those with whom you love and care for. Customlightstyles understands what our client’s needs are in terms of the perfect interior lighting for your home, living spaces, relaxation areas – everything that says I am in a safe place enjoying my family, my surroundings which translates into feeling good to be at home. Lighting your home sensibly, in specific areas and with unique lighting designs, can make all the difference in the feel of your home. Make your home lighting inviting.

a soft place to fall

Drum pendant and indirect lighting by Customlightstyles








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