Luxury Lighting Design for Outdoor Exterior Lights

Outdoor Exterior Luxury Lighting Design

Luxury lighting for outdoor exterior lights. Some of you might think luxury lighting is a new trend. Is it just the luxury lighting design that you like or do you have an appreciation for fine metalwork, completely made by hand, and so unique, that you won’t see it on every ceiling or wall, in every showroom? Come to think of it…maybe you want a light design that is so special, that it will infuse your abode with that spirit of a given time….perhaps time has gone by. Outdoor exterior lights can go from being “run of the mill” to something unique and special.

Luxury Lighting Design for Outdoor Exterior Lights

Custom luxury lighting pendant created and designed by Customlightstyles

Finely wrought custom details and beautiful, hand-applied “living” finishes that develop rich patinas as time goes by…..these are the things that can add authenticity to your home. Details, such as the lost art of wax casting, to capture fine points in a design, can make all the difference, when seeking to add to the accuracy of a historical site.

Custom hand-built outdoor lanterns can achieve simplicity in the lines of the design or can have ornate characteristics when either hand-formed or by custom hand castings. Outdoor exterior lanterns can achieve a feel of luxury by properly sizing the fixtures to suit the architecture and structure dimensions.

Luxury lighting design is all about how the final outdoor lantern looks when it is finally installed. High-end manufacturers who have an established presence, have honed their skill sets to include a number of speciality machinations to achieve those luxury lighting design details. Whether they are achieving certain points of design by hand or by a software-driven, state-of-the-art, speciality machined table, the final stroke is always engineered by the human mind.

Luxury lighting—it’s in the details…





Custom tri-light pendant with hand made embellishments for Santa Rosa, CA by customlightstyles

Custom 3-light interior pendant with custom shades for Santa Rosa, CA by customlightstyles

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