Mounting Interior Wall Sconces

sconce customlightstylesMounting heights when installing interior wall sconces can vary with the ceiling height. The higher the ceiling, the more flexibility you’ll have for the placement of the sconce.  Also, the placement of the sconce always depends upon the style or type of sconce you’ve selected and whether it is operating as an indirect light source or simply a decorative focal point in a room. If the sconces are decorative, then you can go up 6 to 7 feet from the finished floor to the center of the junction box. Always check first to see where the power feed is coming out from – the actual location. Most of the architects and designers I work with always hold the sconces up prior to hard wiring the junction boxes to make sure the placement is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the room, as a whole.

The shape of the sconce greatly affects the placement of the fixture on a wall. If you’re unable to actually get a hold of the sconces prior to installation to ascertain the correct placement – simply cut out an “in-scale” template made of cardboard to use as a guide. If your room boasts a 10 foot ceiling and the sconces are being used for ambient light – the placement can be 7-8 feet from the floor to the center of the junction box.

Sconces used to light a bathroom are an entirely different matter since the lighting is specifically for tasks such as illuminating the face for make-up application, shaving, etc. The sconces should be mounted at eye level, usually about 5 feet, 6 inches above the finished floor. Taller, more narrow fixtures are best for all family members, regardless of stature, so that all will get adequate light. Also, sconces on either side of the mirror produce less shadowing than bath bars placed over the mirror, unless you are using both applications together.

These simple placement guidelines make it very easy for any homeowner to not only enjoy the design of light they’ve selected, but to also utilize the adequate light spread that should be provided upon installation.

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