Moustached Wall Mounted Lanterns above Garage Doors

Wall Mounted Lanterns above Garage Doors

Moustached Wall Mounted Lanterns above Garage DoorsWhen strategically planning the placement of our exterior lanterns, sometimes less is more. If your home is in the planning stages of where to place your electrical junction boxes, consider this: One well-placed wall mounted lantern above your thoughtfully designed garage doors can make a noble statement. If the space above the doors is dramatic enough, then a wall-mounted lantern, such as the lantern shown above with the moustache scrolls, can be the perfect design solution.

There are many variations on the outward scrolls, from the most simplistic to the most ornate. Your home’s architecture will dictate how elaborate your lantern’s design should be. Just another tip for making the most of your individual abode’s unique design without following the pack down to the big box store and slapping something on the walls just to take up space.


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