Outdoor Exterior lighting for Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada

Allow Customlightstyles to take your ideas to fruition for your next outdoor enterprise. As seasoned artisans, we have captured the attention of discriminating tradesmen at twice-yearly trade shows in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada which has elevated our presence both internationally and nationally, whilst giving our local clients an available source for made-to-order outdoor lighting.

Customlightstyles has been designing and fabricating exquisitely crafted lighting and luminaires for Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada since 1909. Proficiently engineered outdoor custom exterior lighting includes hanging pendant lights, sconces, landscape lights, chandeliers and wall lanterns built for residential and commercial usage. Our manufactory has been presenting luxury lighting designs to architects, interior designers, contractors, builders, lighting specifiers and discerning homeowners for over a millennium.

As a master pro in your trade, you are continually seeking that hand-forged, finely wrought outdoor chandelier or lantern, built without stamping presses or with any mechanical welding and with meticulous detail, realized only by commanding artisans who are proficient in the many modes of light fixture fabrication. Outdoor lighting design professionals stipulate a luminaire producer they can trust to bring their bespoke designs to the finishing point, hand-build sconces or lanterns from an outmoded catalogue, a photograph or a rendering and to also help them through the entire project while continuing to give 5-Star service at every turn of the project and beyond, once the fixtures are delivered and installed. Let our company be Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada customers principal resource, for the replication of 17th, 18th and turn of the period’s American revival lighting fixtures.

Customlightstyles online consumers can team up with our manufactory to engineer renderings for custom-built fixtures or for light fixture fabrication, designed by architects for specific projects. Diagrams are provided upon request for all clientele, ensuring attention to detail.

  • The actual hardware is the perfect incentive for custom matching finishes for outdoor and indoor lighting, as in lanterns and chandeliers. There are no confines for Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada customers looking for that perfect finish for their outdoor pendant or landscape light. Explore our design library, consisting of 750 hand-drawn renderings to find that perfect exterior lighting design.
  • A plentiful selection of stock designs for outdoor lanterns, chandelier, sconces, landscape lighting and pendants is accessible for our patrons to peruse,
  • Damaged outdoor lighting restoration, repair work and component replacement is another option for our outdoor lighting clients to consider when checking out our website.
  • Architects insist on the top-notch fabrication to bring about their one of a kind custom outdoor entry lantern or ceiling hung pendant designs. Homeowners are savvy and creative shoppers seeking that perfect luminaire to make their home look unique.

Whichever detailing, style or material our customers choose, the final outcome is consistency in design and not commonplace light fixture styles found everywhere but poorly constructed. Mary Lu Hunt, Customlightstyles principal designer, owner and fabricator, will give Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada clients the experienced guidance they need to attain their exterior lighting design project, thus making their designs come to life. UL certified gas or electric exterior lighting options are offered, while mounting designs from the complex to the most simple, are also on hand.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).

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