Outdoor Lighting, Dallas, Texas

Customlightstyles has been manufacturing and designing custom lighting and luminaires for Dallas, Texas inhabitants. We build outdoor custom exterior lighting, as in lanterns, custom lights, hanging pendant lights, sconces, chandeliers, and landscape lighting for residential and commercial usage.

Our manufactory has been developing luxurious artisanal outdoor lighting designs for Dallas interior designers, architects, lighting specifiers, discriminating homeowners, builders and contractors. As lighting design artisans, we’ve held a strong presence at semi-annual trade shows in Dallas which has taken our business nationally and abroad, while keeping our Dallas clientele satisfied with the availability of handmade products, whether they are custom or from our broad inventory product line. Let Customlightstyles transport your ideas to finalization for your next Dallas outdoor lighting project.

Customlightstyles can be Dallas client’s leading resource, from that individual outdoor lantern, to complete lighting plans for new construction, for reproducing 17th, 18th and turn of the century American renaissance lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting designers in Dallas want a luminaire fabricator they can have confidence in, to bring their design stimuli to fulfillment, hand-craft sconces or lanterns from a drawing, an old catalogue, or photograph, and help them conduct their project while giving them first-rate customer service up to the day of installation and beyond. As a Dallas trade professional, you are continually seeking that uncommon hand-forged chandelier or outdoor lantern with an attention to detail and without mechanical welding or stamping presses.

From Dallas architects looking to create that one of a kind made-to-order outdoor entry lantern or ceiling hung pendant lantern to Dallas homeowners just looking for that perfect luminaire to rejuvenate their entranceway, we can support you in the following ways:

  • There is no limit when it comes to Dallas clients selecting the perfect finish to their outdoor lantern or chandelier. We can also custom match almost any shade to an existing hardware finish.
  • Customlightstyles can partner with Dallas customers to execute drawings for custom fixtures or fabricate light fixtures by Dallas architects for specific projects.
  • Dallas clients can inspect our website for an ample selection of stock designs for outdoor lanterns, sconces, chandeliers, pendants and landscape luminaires. Peruse our design library with more than 750 shop drawings and artwork to find that perfect Dallas exterior lighting concept.
  • We can also produce mock-ups for our Dallas clients to ensure accuracy.
  • Our Dallas outdoor lighting clients can also call upon us for restoration, component replacement and repair work.

Customlightstyles owner, Mary Lu, can furnish Dallas clients with the professional consultation they need to develop their exterior lighting plan and make their concepts come to life. Whatever style, material and detailing our Dallas clients choose, timelessness is the objective. You also have the option of selecting UL certified gas or electric exterior lighting and many mounting preferences are available, as well.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).