Outdoor Lighting for Charles County, MD

Customlightstyles, an all inclusive lighting factory and foundry in Charles County, MD perfects in producing first-class exterior lighting in copper, brass, and bronze. Customlightstyles backs up with Charles County, MD architects, lighting specifiers, interior designers, insightful homeowners and builders on the fabrication of our outdoor lighting metal collection made entirely by hand. We create outdoor wall mounted lanterns, hanging light pendants, landscape lighting, custom lighting, chandeliers, and sconces, for commercial projects and residences.

Customlightstyles welcomes the chance to carry your next outdoor lighting idea to fulfillment in Charles County, MD. Every Winter and Spring, the lighting market beckons our establishment to display our custom fabricated outdoor light luminaries at luxury furniture exhibits in Charles County, MD. By showcasing our hand crafted outdoor lighting, we satisfy our local patron’s demand for outdoor lights while expanding our national and international marketplace.

The tradesmen of Charles County, MD can discover a vast collection of manufactured styles in that hand forged outdoor lantern, devoid of stamping presses or mechanical welding. Customlightstyles commits itself to taking total care of Charles County, MD clientry. Our ability to deliver perfect fabrication, as in light fixture drafts for historical American turn of the century 17th, 18th and 19th outdoor lights, is our driving force.

A design concept can be conceived from an old catalog, a snapshot or a sketch. When Charles County, MD outdoor lighting designers call upon our vast resources, Customlightstyles works in accordance with these professionals utilizing our modern technology with precision manufacturing. Our skilled artisans are highly trained in the fabrication of lanterns and chandeliers using technical engineering coupled with old world methods for metalwork.

From Charles County, MD customers choosing the perfect wall mounted lantern for their entryway to Charles County, MD exterior architects seeking the fabrication of that outdoor lantern uniquely different, our manufactory delights in exceeding all expectations.

  • Customlightstyles offers a high level of quality in each built piece, relating to the precision of patterns and tooling.
  • Our company recommends the use of full scale models or prototypes for precise scale execution and to ensure attention to every detail
  • Our lighting firm archives hundreds of shop patterns and hand drawn sketches to choose from, thus aiding the creation of light design concepts.
  • Our website catalog displays a broad diversity of styles should your project require stock designs. Our company offers any level of service your project requires for custom work.
  • When that precise patina is needed, an existing component or hardware is perfect.

Customlightstyles specializes in new-world technology in the creations of finely built, beautiful, custom architectural light fixtures, Customlightstyles brings new-world technology to all our creations. Our legacy is to uphold old-world craftsmanship. Mary Lu, Customlightstyles owner, appropriates each weekday to fulfilling Charles County, MD client’s expectations by uniting together all resources elemental to accomplishing the work.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).