Outdoor Lighting for Fairfax County, VA

Customlightstyles has been advocating our outdoor luminaires fashioned with old world expertise for Fairfax County, VA lighting specifiers, interior designers, architects, fastidious homeowners and builders. Customlightstyles, a full service lighting workshop and manufactory in Fairfax County, VA, builds custom exterior lighting without reservations. We architecturally design outdoor wall mounted lanterns, hanging pendant lights, landscape lighting, chandeliers, custom lights, and sconces, for commercial and residential applications.

Biannually, our company showcases the finely detailed outdoor lanterns we fabricate at trade shows in Fairfax County, VA, which has expanded our national and international project commissions, while gratifying our local customer’s demands for made-to-order outdoor lighting, whether custom built or from our inventory of stock designs. Establish Customlightstyles as the company to bring your next outdoor lighting creations to fruition in Fairfax County, VA.

Fairfax County, VA outdoor light planning commissions need a lighting outfit who’ll engineer their exact designs as advised, organizing the fabrication of chandeliers or lanterns from the project plans, a prior catalog, or photograph, and coordinate the project, while affording them excellent customer care and follow up.

Customlightstyles can be Fairfax County, VA devotees only manufacturing point of supply, from that certain incomparable lantern, to complete architectural lighting layouts for reproducing 17th, 18th or 19th century’s turn of historical American outdoor lighting fixtures. Fairfax County, VA trade masters can find that unique hand forged outdoor lantern or chandelier, without mechanical welding or stamping presses put together, made finely and with care.

Our company can counsel you in the following ways, from Fairfax County, VA clientele aiming to select the correct wall mounted lantern for their main entrance to Fairfax County, VA architectural specialists seeking a design firm to create that elite outdoor chandelier or hanging pendant lantern.

  • Sift through our design annals with hundreds of shop sketches and hand drawn shop patterns to uncover compelling light designs.
  • Customlightstyles works in accordance with you to cultivate designs styles for custom fixture fabrication, and luminaire forging ideas by architects for projects that get specified.
  • Our website beckons clientry to peruse our outdoor lantern, chandeliers, sconces, pendants, and landscape lighting collection.
  • Existing hardware may be used for custom matching, to attain a perfect finish for an outdoor pendant or lantern.
  • To ensure attention to detail and scale precision, we incorporate the use of prototypes as an excellent tool.

Customlightstyles intention is to take whatever material, style, and detailing our clients select, then make it all work synergistically. Mary Lu, Customlightstyles owner, shows great care in fulfilling Fairfax County, VA customer’s expectations by managing their exterior lighting layouts and to assisting them during and after installation.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).

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