Outdoor Lighting for Hunterdon County, NJ

Customlightstyles cooperates with Hunterdon County, NJ Lighting specifiers, architects, interior designers, discerning homeowners and builders on the creation of our outdoor lighting metal accoutrements shaped entirely by hand. We engineer outdoor wall mounted lanterns, custom lighting, chandeliers, hanging pendant lights, sconces and landscape lighting, for commercial projects and residences. Customlightstyles, a complete and fully equipped lighting manufactory in Hunterdon County, NJ refines and produces fine exterior lighting in brass, copper and bronze.

Customlightstyles welcomes the chance to take your next outdoor lighting concept to completion in Hunterdon County, NJ. Twice a year, our establishment presents the uniquely fabricated outdoor light fixtures we make by hand at market exhibits in Hunterdon County, NJ, augmenting our national and international appointments, while conserving our local clientele’s demand for custom-built interior lights, handcrafted outdoor lighting, or stock lighting designs.

Customlightstyles is committed to servicing Hunterdon County, NJ patrons. Our efforts deliver exacting fabrication, as in light fixture drafts for building historical turn of the century 17th, 18th or 19th-century American outdoor lights. Hunterdon County, NJ tradesmen will discover many manufactured styles in that hand-forged outdoor pendant or lantern, bereft of mechanical welding or stamping presses.

In order to properly serve each client, our firm utilizes modern technology with precise manufacturing. Hunterdon County, NJ outdoor light design specifiers work in accordance with our skilled craftsmen when technical engineering is called for in attaining the precise the fabrication of lanterns or chandeliers, whether the concept is from a photo, an old catalogue or an archived pattern.

Our factory and foundry offer sound advice, from Hunterdon County, NJ clientele selecting the correct wall mounted lantern application for their main entry to Hunterdon County, NJ architectural proficients pursuing the creation of that outdoor lantern that delights in surprising while exceeding their expectations.

  • For precise scale execution and to ensure attention to every detail, our company recommends the use of full-scale models or prototypes.
  • Our manufactory and foundry catalogues hundreds of shop patterns and hand-drawn renderings to select from or assisting in the creation of light design concepts.
  • Customlightstyles helps each client to develop their concept, offering a high level of quality in each completed piece relating to the precision of patterns and tooling.
  • Our company offers any level of service your project requires and our website catalogue displays a broad diversity of styles should your project require stock designs.
  • An existing hardware piece or component is perfect for custom finishing.

Customlightstyles specializes in new-world technology to create finely built, beautiful, custom architectural light fixtures. This is our responsibility to uphold old-world craftsmanship. Mary Lu, the Customlightstyles owner, dedicates each day fulfilling Hunterdon County, NJ customer’s anticipations by bringing together all resources integral to accomplishing the work.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).

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