Outdoor Lighting, Los Angeles, CA

Customlightstyles has been fabricating made-to-order lighting for the urbanites of Los Angeles, California. Customlightstyles has structured outdoor custom exterior lighting, as in landscape lighting, hanging pendant lights, custom designed luminaries, sconces, lanterns and chandeliers for residential and commercial usage.

As experienced lighting design artisans, we’ve held a decisive presence at semi-annual trade shows in Los Angeles which has captured business at the national and international level, while keeping our Los Angeles clientele satisfied with our handmade products, whether they are from our vast inventory product line or entirely custom-made. Let Customlightstyles execute your designs to completion for your next Los Angeles outdoor lighting undertaking. Our manufacturing facility has been developing hand-crafted exterior lighting designs for Los Angeles architects, homeowners, lighting specifiers, interior designers, builders, and contractors.

Outdoor lighting designers in Los Angeles prefer a lighting manufacturer who is dependable, with whom they can bring their individual concepts to finalization, hand-craft chandeliers or lanterns from an old catalog, a drawing or a photograph, and follow through on all features in the lighting fabrication while giving them superior customer service up to the day of instatement. Customlightstyles can be Los Angeles clientele’s sole resource, from that tailor-made outdoor lantern, to bring to culmination their lighting plans for new construction, for replicating 17th, 18th and turn-of-the-century American historical luminaires. As a Los Angeles trade expert, you are forever seeking that extraordinary hand forged chandelier or outdoor lantern with that attention to all characteristics and without stamping presses or mechanical welding.

We can sustain our clients in the following manner:

  • From Los Angeles architects looking to appoint the hand-wrought look for a one-of-a-kind custom chandelier to savvy Los Angeles homeowners just looking for that perfect outdoor entryway lantern to revive the approach to, and architecture of, their home.
  • Look through our design library of more than 750 historical 100 year old artwork renderings to find that perfect Los Angeles outdoor lighting idea.
    There are no restrictions when it comes to Los Angeles clients selecting the perfect finish to their landscape light, outdoor lantern, sconce, or chandelier.
  • Our Los Angeles outdoor lighting clients can ask for our services; for component replacement, restorations, and renovation work.
  • Customlightstyles can partner with Los Angeles patrons by submitting patterns for custom luminaires, or create light fixtures by Los Angeles architects for jobs, as specified.
  • Los Angeles clients can pore over our website containing a huge selection of stock designs for sconces, outdoor chandeliers, lanterns, and landscape lights.
  • We can custom match most any living patina to a sample hardware shade.
  • We can also produce templates for our Los Angeles clients to ensure accuracy.

Clients have the choice of utilizing UL certified electric or gas exterior lighting and there are many backplate mountings readily available. Whatever detailing, material, or design, our Los Angeles customers embrace, carrying through every aspect of fabrication is the main undertaking. Customlightstyles proprietor, Mary Lu, can offer Los Angeles clients with the professional direction they need to implement their exterior lighting plan and make their creations come to life.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).

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