Outdoor Lighting, Piney Point Village, Texas

Customlightstyles factory distributes outdoor custom exterior lighting, as in chandeliers, custom lights, landscape lighting, hanging pendant lights, sconces, and lanterns for commercial and residential use. Customlightstyles has been the source for precisely structured lighting just for Piney Point Village, Texas locals.

Allow Customlightstyles to guide your innovational insights to a finale for your next outdoor lighting design in Piney Point Village. Our firm’s central scheme has been to consistently turn out skillfully put together outdoor lighting compositions with old world craftsmanship for Piney Point Village lighting specifiers, interior designers, architects, discriminating homeowners and builders. As lighting design craftsman, we’ve controlled a solid tenure at semi-annual trade events in Piney Point Village which has cemented our business nationally and internationally, while keeping our Piney Point Village audience happy with available well constructed products, even if they are custom or from our established stock product inventory.

Customlightstyles can be Piney Point Village client’s chief authority, from that individual hand forged chandelier, to accurate lighting plans for new architecture, for procreating 17th, 18th and turn of the century historical American lights. Piney Point Village outdoor lighting mavens crave a lighting specialist they can count on to make their design perceptions come alive, hand wrought and forge chandeliers and lanterns from a photograph, an old catalog or rendering, and assist in overlooking their project while giving them superb customer service up to the project’s finale. As accomplished Piney Point Village lighting tradesmen, you are seeking that peerless outdoor lantern or hand forged chandelier made with strict detail, and not using stamping presses or mechanical welding.

Our Piney Point Village outdoor lighting clientry can inquire about component replacement, repair work, and restorations. We can manage you in the following ways, from Piney Point Village prospects seeking that perfect light source to invigorate their vestibule, to Piney Point Village architects looking to erect that notable custom lantern: Piney Point Village patrons can audit our website for a complete array of stock patterns for outdoor pendants, sconces, lanterns, chandeliers, and landscape lighting units. Our group can collate exact full scale prototypes for our Piney Point Village customers. Customlightstyles can consort with Piney Point Village regulars to plan in force their sketches for custom luminaires, or hand crafted lighting by Piney Point Village architects with great attention. When it comes to Piney Point Village trade selecting that perfect finish to their outdoor lantern or chandelier, there are no boundaries to our ability to custom match most any umbrage to a burnished luster on existing implements. Behold our design library with more than 750 shop sketchings and historical compositions to conceive that classic Piney Point Village exterior light source image.

Customlightstyles owner, Mary Lu, can endow Piney Point Village customers with the competent foundation to make their ideas come to life. Whatever material, style and specification our Piney Point Village buyers approve, we will make every possible effort to perform to their satisfaction. The alternatives available to our clientry is the capability to pick either UL certified gas or electric exterior lighting with an array of backplate designs and the power to modify designs to suit specific applications.

Contact Mary Lu Hunt at (707) 547-9909 (voice mail only).

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