Security Efficient Installation Techniques for Outdoor Exterior Lanterns

Did you ever wonder whether you should select a outdoor exterior ceiling mounted lantern versus an outdoor exterior wall mounted lantern? If you’re security minded, and still wondering…here are some good reasons to select one or the other or both:

1) Outdoor exterior wall mounted lanterns will light up the faces of any nighttime visitors that come to the door, thus making identification easier.

2) If your style of home denotes installing a outdoor exterior ceiling mounted lantern or overhead fixture, then appropriating a recessed light or lights on the ceiling near the wall over the door will minimize any shadows on your visitor’s faces.

3) Outdoor exterior wall mounted  lanterns should always be installed on the same side as the doorknob and this is only if you are using one lantern per entry door. If the  outdoor exterior wall mounted lantern were to be installed on the hinged side of the door, your sight would be compromised and only a dark profile of the face would be apparent.

4) If the vestibule area you are lighting is a large area, you can always select an outdoor exterior wall mounted lantern on either side of the entryway, as well as, an outdoor exterior ceiling hung lantern (especially if the threshold has a tall, recessed ceiling).

When illuminating the outdoor area you wish to light, it is important to consider any visibility needs. Strong beams of light at night can intrude on your neighbor’s property. It is important to effectively light up any outdoor areas without taking excessive measures for the inherent darkness that evening brings.

Here are some good points to consider:

1} Man-made light shold only exist where it is needed
2} Man-made light should be minimal, at best
3} The area being lite up should be moderated to the area deemed appropriate
4}The illumination duration should be applied in a practical manner in the affected area

Are LED Luminaires truly a better choice over High Pressure Sodium bulbs?

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Lighting designers, lighting specifiers and manufacturers of outdoor lighting fixtures are in a quandary about whether they should be using High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs over LED lights.

The hot question right now is whether people actually favor white light over yellow light. Here is what could be asked regarding the preference:

  1. Does LED light provide the broad-spectrum white light that is conducive to night vision for both pedestrians and drivers?
  2. Which type of light source is more pleasing to the eye?
  3. Which light source is more cost-effective in the long term?
  4. Which light source is more energy-efficient?

LEDs cut energy usage by over 50% when compared to using HPS lamps. So, in this case, they are more energy-efficient. Remember, these bulbs/luminaires are being used for street installations in commercial applications, not residential projects. LED lamps also have a longer lifetime (about 60,000 hours when using a 67-watt bulb, then a HPS, which usually last about 20,000 to 30,000 hours, using a comparable 90-watt bulb.) Generally speaking, most people prefer the white light emitted from the LEDs over the yellow light coming from the HPS lamps.

LED bulbs are more expensive (but coming down in cost as the demand continues to grow) than HPS bulbs since they last twice as long as High-Pressure Sodium bulbs (with a life expectancy of up to 15 years depending upon the type of streetlamp). This last feature truly makes them more cost-effective since they don’t need to be replaced as often as HPS lamps, thus also reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting in Abundance

Outdoor Pendant lights come in a variety of styles, compatible with many different types of architecture and suitable for landscape design, as well. Outdoor pendant lighting and landscape lights should provide the proper amount of illumination so that the area being lit up is safe and secure for pedestrians and guests arriving at the entryway of a home or business.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting in AbundanceOutdoor pendant lights should emit light from the side and bottom of the lantern or pendant so that the proper light spread illuminates pathways and stair adequately to ward off potential accidents.

Security minded architects, interior designers, lighting specifiers and builders often specify outdoor pendant lights as an acceptable form of light spread to ensure a safe entrance or approach to a business or residence.

A variety of finishes should be available with the outdoor pendant lights or outdoor lanterns, with the option of selecting the most light-emitting glass that produces a  softly lit glow without any glare.